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Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital of the Daejeon University was opened in 1991 under the founding ideologies of national progress, cultural creation and social services, and has been continuously grown and progressed along with the surrounding regions in order to fulfill the responsibilities in medical welfare for the region that includes the central region of Korea.

Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital that is taking the 2nd stage of growth along with transfer to newly constructed facilities in 2006 is putting efforts in providing medical treatment with sincere passion and enthusiasm for accurate diagnosis by the most renowned medical staffs in Korea as well as to provide environment that is as comfortable as patients own homes in order to create new hospital culture.

Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital has established comprehensive East & West medical examination program by equipping ourselves with various most advanced Korean Medicine and western medical equipment with focus on organic cooperation between the specialized Korean Medicine medical treatment center and the Hyehwa Medical Clinic. On the basis of this, the Hospital is leading the popularization and scientification of Korean Medicine through early detection and assertive treatment of diseases.

Moreover, we are putting in our efforts towards fundamental treatment of various diseases by operating research center to cope with diseases that manifest in accordance with the changes in the bodily disposition and daily life environment of people living in the modern era.

We shall continue to strive with our utmost efforts to become a hospital that safeguards the health of regional residents through ceaseless researches and sincere services.

We seek your continued interests and affection.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours, Taek Won Ahn Director of the Hospital