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Composition of specialized medical staffs and medical treatment system

Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital of the Daejeon University was opened on October 23, 1991 to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and to provide more definitive Korean Medicine medical services through mutually supplementary cooperation between Korean Medicine and western medicine with the sense of responsibility for management of health of regional residents and improvement of public health of people of Korea. Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital of the Daejeon University is increasing medical treatment effects by operating specialized centers and clinics for each of the diseases on the basis of the fundamental treatment in order to provide leading medical services.

Accordingly, the Hospital operates 5 centers, namely, Degenerative Cerebral Disease Center, Stroke Internal Medical Center, Spine and Joint Center, Allergy Center and Neurologic Womens Center, as well as wide range of departments including Internal Medicine of Korean Medicine, Gynecology of Korean Medicine, Pediatrics of Korean Medicine, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology & Dermatology of Korean Medicine, Neuropsychiatry of Korean Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine, Sasang Constitution Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine of Korean Medicine, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine. Korean Medicine medical doctors composed of specialized medical team provide treatment with passion and sincerity with systematic treatment methods in accordance with the state of each of the individual patients.

Specialization and Strength
Patient-centered hospital

The Cheonan Korean Medicine Hospital puts the highest priority on the health and satisfaction of our clients, and is putting our utmost efforts to practice complete emotional fulfillment of our clients by practicing open, attentive and accessible medical services. All the discomfort that you may have experienced and recommendations you make in using our hospital will be reflected in establishment of better services. We pledge to practice substantially upgraded emotional fulfillment of our clients from the viewpoints of our clients.

Scientification of Korean Medicine

We are providing the best medical services by reinforcing and advancing medical equipment continuously, and concentrating on diverse range of academic research activities for eradication of diseases in order to lead scientification of Korean Medicine. On the other hand, we are becoming a differentiated medical institution by providing diverse range of information on health for early stage prevention and treatment of diseases to the regional residents as a part of our efforts to realize medical services through social voluntary services.

Advance as a medical institution with new concepts

The Hospital was transferred to a new facility with 2 underground floors and 5 above ground floors with total floor area of 14,200 on January 23, 2006 in order to safeguard the health of all of our clients by providing high quality treatment under wider and more pleasant environment. We shall ceaselessly put our efforts at your side.

Our Mission

We aim to realize respect for life through succession and advancement of our traditional medicine,
and practicing of true medical services.