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The Degenerative Cerebral Disease Center has adopted specialized Korean Medicine medical treatment and cooperative system between western and Korean Medicine for prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular disease such as stroke and diverse range of degenerative cerebral diseases. In particular, the Center has developed patented drug treatment through joint research with Korea Institute of Science and Technology for treatment and prevention of dementia and Parkinsons disease, which has been increasing rapidly in recent years, and is ceaselessly pursuing researches to present treatment methods most appropriate for the patients by using this patented treatment method

Introduction to the Medical Staffs
  • Specialist in Sasang Constitution Medicine
    Taek Won Ahn.
  • Specialized clinics
  • - Cerebrovascular Disease :
    Cerebral infarction, Cerebral hemorrhage, Sequence of cerebrovascular attack
    - Cardiovascular Disease :
    Hypertension, Angina pectoris, Palpitation, Peripheral circulatory disturbance
    - Degenerative Cerebral Disease :
    Alzheimer's disease
    Parkinson's disease
    Progressive supranuclear palsy
    Multiple system strophy
    Huntington's disease
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; ALS
    Essential tremor
    Cortico-basal ganlionic degeneration
    Diffuse Lewy body disease
    Parkinson-ALS-dementia complex of Guam
    Pick's disease