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Prevalence of cerebrovascular disease and adult diseases are increasing markedly due to increasing in the aged population and excessive stress. Accordingly, the Stroke Internal Medicine Center of our Hospital is presenting the most appropriate treatment methods to the patients by introducing specialized Korean Medicine medical treatment and cooperative system between Korean Medicine and western medicine for prevention and treatment of stroke and adult diseases.

Introduction to the Medical Staffs
  • Pediatrics of Korean Medicine
    Specialist in Pediatrics of Korean Medicine Jae Kyung Han
  • Specialized clinics
  • - Respiratory Disease :
    Upper respiratory infection, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Otitis media
    - Urogenital Disease :
    Enuresis, Urinary frequency
    - Gastrointestinal Disease :
    Abdominal pain, Diarrhea, Constipation, Anorexia, Emesis
    - Allergic Disease :
    Atopic dermatitis, Bronchial asthma, Rhinitis, Urticaria
    - Neuropsychiatric Disease :
    Febrile convulsion, Epilepsy, Night cry, Tic, ADHD
    - Etc Disease :
    Developmental disorder, Weak child, Tinnitus, Psoriasis