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Diseases including irregular menstruation, menstruation pain, uterine myoma, leucorrhea, disorders at the time of menopause, infertility and stroke following child-birth found in women are accurately diagnosed and treated on the basis of theories of Korean Medicine medicine. In addition, not only stress that induces various diseases in those living in modern era but also diseases of neurological system such as those arising from anger, depression, headache, anxiety and insomnia are being treated.

Introduction to the Medical Staffs
  • Gynecology of Korean Medicine
    Specialist in Gynecology of Korean Medicine
    Ji Myung Kwon
  • Specialized clinics
  • - Menstrual Disorder :
    Dysmenorrhea, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Amenorrhea
    - Uterine & ovarian Disease :
    Myoma, Endometriosis, Cold hypersensitivity of hands and feet,
    Recovery after gynecology surgery
    - Infertility
    - Prenatal Care : Morning sickness(Hyperemesis), abortion
    - Postpartum Care : Postpartum management, Sanhupung(Postpartum symptom)
    - Menopause Case : Menopausal syndrome
    - Neuropsychic Disease : Headache, Depression, Hwabyung, Insomnia