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East & West Medical Examination Center

The East & West Medical Examination Center, since its opening in 1991, has continually grew and advanced as a trustful medical examination institution for enhancement of health of the residents in the region. In addition, it succeeded in realization of trustful medical examination environment through accurate and stable examinations, and exhaustive follow-up management by innovatively improving the examination environment in line with the rapidly changing medical environment.

East & West Medical Examination Center
Special Features
  • Systematic and scientific merging of Korean medicine and western medicine
  • Stabilized test is possible with considerations for privacy of individuals through composition of independent spaces
  • Completion of test in the morning of the day (medical examination in the afternoon is also possible)
  • In the event of detection of abnormal factors, notification and linkage with treatment on the day of examination regardless of scheduled date of the results
  • Systematized treatment and consultation on the results by specialized Korean Medicine and western medical doctors
  • Expansion of range of selection through provision of diversified medical examination programs
  • Reinforcement of examination on key diseases including diseases of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular system / metabolic syndrome / infant growth / obesity / stroke / dementia / diseases of spinal cord / learning disability in adolescents, etc
  • Medical examination with provision of accommodation for those (parents) who traveled long distance to visit hospital
Names of medical examinations Contents Cost
East & West Medical Examination Comprehensive precision medical examination with focus on key adult diseases ranging from cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases and cancer to diseases of spinal cord for those in their 30’s ~ 50’s. 600,000
Early stage medical examination for stroke (circulatory system) Comprehensive medical examination for detection and prevention of diseases of Cardiovascular system and cerebrovascular system at early stage 400,000
Precision medical examination on diseases of spinal cord Medical examination that has fortified tests on musculo-skeletal system for the purpose of diagnosis and prevention of acute and chronic diseases of spinal cord and musculo-skeletal system at early stage 400,000
Precision medical examination on metabolic syndrome Medical examination for prevention of diseases in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system related to chronic metabolic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance and hyperlipidemia 300,000
Precision medical examination for dementia and aging Health check-up program that includes test for dementia and arteriosclerosis in alignment with the aging society 200,000
Precision medical examination on bio-activation Medical examination for measurement of extent of aging of organs including measurement of bio-age through key tests Type A: 150,000 Type B: 100,000
Precision medical examination on digestive system Specialized medical examination program for the digestive tract among the organs of human body Type A: 80,000 Type B: 50,000 Type C: 50,000
Precision medical examination for child growth Specialized medical examination program for children on their growth 50,000
Obesity medical examination Medical examination program for treatment of obese patients 50,000
Order of medical examination
Order Contents Location
East & West Medical Examination Center Reception 1F
Locker room Change to medical examination gown provided at the locker room within the medical examination center 1F
Basic medical examination room meridian system function testㆍexamination of pulseㆍbody composition test 1F
East & West Medical Examination Center TCDㆍUltrasonographyㆍstomach/colon endoscopyㆍDITIㆍwomen’s examinationㆍPWVㆍfundus imagingㆍpulmonary function test 1F
Radiologic Medicine CT imagingㆍMammographyㆍX-rayㆍBMD 1F
Diagnostic Test Medicine Test by collecting samples including blood, feces and urine 1F
Sasang Constitution Diagnosis Room Sasang constitution toolㆍsomatotype analysisㆍfacial 3-D imagingㆍvoice analysis 2F
Health Enhancement Room Testing of musculo-skeletal functionsㆍphysique ageㆍbasic metabolic rate test 2F
Completion of examination Conclusion of examination (restaurant is on the 6th floor for those who need to have meal) 1F