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Treatment and reception hours
Categories Weekdays Saturday
Treatment hours AM 09:00 ~ 12:30
PM 13:30 ~ 17:30
AM 09:00 ~ 13:00
Reception hours AM 09:00 ~ 12:00
PM 13:30 ~ 17:00
AM 09:00 ~ 12:30
Guidance on extended treatment

Extended medical treatment by professors are provided up to 9PM during the weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) for working people, housewives, young children and students who cannot visit the hospital during daytime. The cost of treatment is the same as the cost for outpatients.

Order of medical treatment for outpatients
1. Filling up of consent to usage of personal information

Please fill up the form for consenting of usage of personal information available at the administration office.

2. Reception

Examination paper will be issued to you upon submission of consent to usage of personal information and your identification to the administration office.

3. Preliminary examination room

Allocation to medical treatment department will be made following preliminary examination in accordance with the diseases of the clients.

4. Medical treatment department

Present your examination paper to the corresponding treatment department and undergo examination in order.

5. Payment

Make your payment at the payment desk of the administration office.

6. Preparation of drug and medical examination

Herbal medicinal pharmacy: When you present the receipt issued by the administration office to the pharmacy, you will receive the prescribed medicine. If it is broiled extract of herbal medicine, please be guided on the time required for preparation (can be couriered to you). Examination room: Undergo tests at the corresponding examination room by presenting examination paper or receipt.

7. Return home and hospitalization

Those who made reservation for medical treatment as a returning patient can proceed directly to the corresponding treatment department on the day of medical treatment. Those who were determined to be hospitalized by the doctor in charge should proceed to the hospitalization desk of the administration office to process hospitalization procedures. * In the case of changes in the insurance qualifications, address and telephone number, please notify the reception desk at the administration office of such changes.